Trainer for Industrial Settings Personality Test

This assessment identifies candidates with the mental ability to handle complex industrial topics, ability to work with mechanical equipment and operations competently, and are able to explain challenging subject matter to students.

In addition, the assessment evaluates interpersonal style for working closely with people, willingness to support company rules, willingness to talk about the company in favorable terms to impressionable new employees, and behave in a stable, professional manner.

About the Test: This test consists of five parts:

  • A 20-minute Mechanical Reasoning test to evaluate the candidate's ability to understand mechanical principles underlying operation of equipment and the ability to explain these concepts to others,
  • A 15-minute test of 8th grade level math problems because so many mechanical operations require a good understanding of math and the Trainer will need to explain and teach this to others,
  • A 5-minute 3-D Reasoning test to evaluate the degree to which the candidate can visualize how solid objects fit together because they will need to disassemble and reassemble mechanical equipment during the training process,
  • A 44-item untimed General Cognitive Aptitude test of abstract reasoning/ numerical reasoning/ verbal reasoning, all of which evaluates a person's ability to learn quickly and handle complex subject matter &
  • 143 question personality inventory.

The timed components total 40 minutes, but the candidate will need extra time to read the instructions, while the untimed inventory and untimed aptitude questions can easily take an hour or more. So, the test will take an average of 2 hours to complete.

What the Report Gives You: A graphical display of scores of areas covered, an explanation of aptitude results, a list of strengths and developmental concerns, and suggested interview questions.