Euphony HR is #1 provider of quality employment & pre-employment online assessments in India. Our online assessment solutions include, online personality tests, psychometric assessment, skills testing, aptitude testing, IQ testing and personality assessment including Sales Personality Test & Career Personality Test. The Online Tests offered by Euphony HR include - Online Personality Tests, Online Psychometric Tests (Behavioral Tests), Online Skills Tests, Online Aptitude Tests, IQ Tests. Euphony HR, a leader in online personality testing, skills testing & online psychological testing solutions in India, offers web-based skills testing software & psychometric testing software solutions. Euphony HR has developed Psychometric Tests/ Personality Tests in association with experienced psychologists having over 40 years of collective experience. Euphony HR offers web-based Personality Tests, Psychometric Tests (psychological tests), IQ Tests and Skills Tests to Fortune 500 & Fortune 1000 clients in India. Euphony HR, being a leading online testing solution provider in India, offers employment & pre-employment personality tests, skills tests, aptitude tests, IQ Tests & psychometric tests (behavioral tests). Its personality tests (behavioral tests) and psychometric tests help organizations to assess personality traits in their workforce. Euphony HR, a leader in skills assessments and psychological assessments in India, offers Personality Tests that are based on Big-Five Personality Assessment Model and lays out the report into ten behavioral traits. Euphony HR skills testing solutions & psychological testing solutions are based on decades of research with an emphasis on affordability, ease-of-use and quality. Euphony HR recently launched Sales Personality Test for organizations to measure sales ability in sales professionals and a Career Personality Test for students. The Sales Personality Test is based on 14 sales competencies. For more information on our Sales Personality Assessment Test, click the following link Sales Personality Assessment Test Our Career Personality Test helps students, graduates and everyone who seeks to choose and change a career, make a right career choice. For more information on our Career Personality Test, click the following link Career Personality Test

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