STAY Inventory Personality Test

A very high percentage of turnover occurs during the first year of employment. High first year turnover is often attributed to "bad hiring decisions" and that reflects on YOU. Even though you are probably already doing a lot to try to make your company a great place to work, many new employees just do not stick around. Why not use a testing tool to identify candidates most likely to quit in the first year?

Wouldn't you like to have another tool to help you improve retention?

The STAY Inventory is a new tool that you can add to your hiring process to improve retention! It looks at factors within the individual that contribute to first year turnover - for example, laziness, uncooperativeness, susceptibility to stress, lack of concern for company rules, resistance to supervision, and lack of respect for a steady job. The STAY Inventory can augment all the other things you are doing to address turnover.

About the Test: This untimed test consists of a 69-question personality inventory. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

What the Report Gives You: Graphical display of scores for each dimension that is included in the inventory, an overall score (Low, Moderate, High) to help you predict potential for STAYing at your company, and suggested interview questions based on the candidate's responses.