Software Developer/ Programmer Personality Test

Need to hire experienced software developers to create products or improve your company's data performance? How will you really know they have the mental agility needed for YOUR company? Will they be a team player that is cooperative and communicative? The Software Developer/ Programmer Test was created to find highly technical employees who can manage and execute projects until completion, and they have to satisfy their main customer - whether or you a client.

About the Test: This test has two parts and takes job candidates approximately 60 minutes to complete. This test includes:

  • 118-question untimed personality inventory &
  • 44-item test of mental ability.

What the Report Gives You: After a candidate completes the test, you will receive the results instantly via email. The results include a graphical display of scores of areas covered, explanation of aptitude results, list of strengths & developmental concerns, and suggested interview questions.