Systems Analyst/ Network Administrator Personality Test

Systems Analysts and Network Administrators (who are sometimes one individual that fills both roles) use their advanced networking & technical skills to build and maintain systems in concert with your organization's needs and customers' expectations. A Systems Analyst may interact with their customers to identify needs and design solutions to IT problems, so in many cases a significant part of their job is social in nature. A Network Administrator often works on their own or with a smaller technical team, and must be comfortable with self-direction. These professionals should be able to independently achieve goals and get results for your business.

This test helps evaluate the right traits to identify Systems Analysts who have fortitude to impartially investigate problems and build a case for the solution. In the case of Network Administrators, the test will show their level of independence and good judgment in stressful situations, which is key when security and productivity are on the line.

This test also measures general intelligence, evaluating the candidate's ability to handle complex information, make good decisions when only partial information is available, and relay this information to other highly intelligent professionals and managers.

About the Test: This test has two parts and takes job candidates approximately 90 minutes to complete. This test includes:

  • 124-question untimed personality inventory &
  • 44-item test of general cognitive aptitude with an almost equal number of questions for verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning.

What the Report Gives You: Scores of the areas covered presented in a graphical display, an explanation of aptitude results, lists of strengths and developmental concerns, and suggested interview questions to help you better identify candidates through the interview process.