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eAppraisal is the Euphony HR's comprehensive employee performance appraisal tool that adds value to your organization by transforming your conventional paper based appraisals into a very effective and time efficient system that delivers better results.

Key Features:
  • eAppraisal System automatically identifies and assigns an employee rights of appraiser or appraisee based on the organization's hierarchy.
  • Appraisers can appraise and view self-appraisal & appraisal reports of their juniors for whom the system assigns them rights.
  • Multiple appraisal and self-appraisal forms in any number and in any combination can be assigned individually to various departments, functions, sub-functions, levels, teams/ groups, etc.
  • Self-appraisal and appraisal reports can be viewed and downloaded as PDF files.
  • Self-appraisal and appraisal reports can be viewed and downloaded individually for each employee and also in one consolidated file for multiple employees.
  • Appraisal reports lay off graphical score comparison of employee's score in each competency factor against department's and organization's average scores for the respective competency factor.
  • System offers easy navigation of the employees' information and reports by creating a tree of employees based on their departments, functions, sub-functions, levels, groups/ teams, etc.

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