Retail Store Non-Commission Sales Personality Test

You're tired and stressed - finding good retail sales people is tough, and hiring the wrong retail sales people costs time, money and your reputation. You need people with the skills for sales who know or can learn the best sales techniques. Our online personality test helps you choose retail sales candidates who have retail skills and the persuasiveness, money-motivation, customer service attitude, and willingness to go the extra mile to produce solid results. Retail sales candidates who are able to convey positive attitudes about your company to customers, are not easily annoyed by difficult customers and are motivated to work hard, even putting up with difficult work hours.

There are two tests available - one for commission-based retail sales, and the other for non-commission retail sales positions.

About the Retail Sales - Non Commission Based Test: This test has two parts:

  • A cashier math test that evaluates basic arithmetic skills as well as simple math transactions typical in retail settings &
  • 96-question online personality test.

The entire test takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

What the Report Gives You: Graphical display of areas covered, an explanation of the sales aptitude test results and cash handling math score, and suggested interview questions.