Manufacturing/ Production Worker - Advanced Personality Test

Hiring competent, personable, and dedicated production workers can be very difficult. But it does not have to be as hard with some preparation in knowing who your candidates are. This online aptitude and personality test helps you identify production associates who are easy to get along with, work cooperatively with others on the team, have the intelligence for handling complicated mechanical tasks, are stable and dependable, communicate well, and work hard.

About the Test: This test battery has five separate aptitude tests and a personality test including:

  • A 20-minute pattern series test of general abstract reasoning that evaluates the ability to learn quickly and handle complex information,
  • A 15-minute math test (8th grade level of competency) presenting problems typical in an industrial setting,
  • A 20-minute mechanical reasoning test evaluating a candidate’s understanding of basic mechanical and physical principles of everyday life,
  • A 16-minute reading test (8th grade competency level) presenting scenarios typical of an industrial setting,
  • A 5-minute 3-D reasoning test evaluating how well candidates can visualize how parts fit together inside a whole object or machine &
  • An 84-question personality test.

There are 76 minutes of actual testing time (without instructions) for the aptitude tests. The personality portion takes approximately 15 minutes.

What the Report Gives You: A graphical display of scores and suggested interview questions.