Industrial/ Equipment Sales Personality Test

The question is how to hire a salesperson with technical ability. If you are in the business of industrial equipment sales, your industrial sales rep needs more than just good manners. They need to talk the talk and demonstrate technical equipment in a competent manner, and have the skills for sales to build customer relationships and create strong sales.

Finding top-notch industrial sales reps is not easy. Be sure you have the right candidate each time with our online personality test & sales aptitude test.

About the Test: This sales aptitude test for industrial sales reps consists of three parts:

  • 5-minute 3-D reasoning section to predict candidates' skills for equipment disassembly and reassembly,
  • 20-minute mechanical reasoning section to predict candidates' ability to learn how unfamiliar equipment operates and how it fits into an overall production system,
  • 117-question personality inventory,
  • 44-item test of general cognitive aptitude composed of questions for verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning &
  • 46 open-ended sentence completion questions.

The test takes approximately two hours to complete.

What the Report Gives You: A graphical display of scores of areas covered and an overall recommendation based on the match to each characteristic.