Engineer II/ Scientist II Personality Test

Hiring an engineer can be challenging. There are myriad candidates of enormously varying engineering qualifications. Our online Engineering Pre-Employment Test helps you find the top candidates. It will help you identify an engineer who can communicate well, be a strong team player, adapt well to your company procedures and culture, work hard, and have the mental ability to handle intellectually challenging job duties.

If you are wondering which of our five engineering aptitude assessments would best meet your needs, please see the Engineer Test Comparison Table below to help you understand the content of each one.

About the Test: This test battery has three parts. This test takes approximately two hours to complete.

  • 134-question online personality inventory,
  • 44-item test of mental ability equally divided among verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning &
  • set of 46 statements for which the candidate has to type in a short answer.

What the Engineer - II Test Report Gives You: A graphical display of scores, explanation of aptitude results, list of strengths and developmental concerns, and suggested interview questions.

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Engineer Test Comparison Table

Test Name
Price (in USD)
General Mental Ability Test
Mechanical Reasoning Test
3-D Reasoning Test
Engineering Knowledge Test
15 Different Personality Traits
Open-ended Questions
Engineer I
Engineer II
Engineer III
Engineer IV
Engineer V