Career Development for Managers Personality Test

The Career Development Report for Managers can be generated independent of a pre-employment assessment, or it can be created from the data of a previously completed pre-employment test. Occasionally, companies like to give feedback to individuals who have gone through a pre-employment assessment process and who desire to see the results of the assessment. Whereas the evaluative report we provide to the employer is not suitable for giving back to the individual test taker, this report is designed to share personality information in a constructive way. It can also provide good ideas for the individual and his/ her manager to use it for coaching purposes.

About the Test: This test has 121 untimed personality questions and takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.

What the Report Gives You: A general overview about how personality scores are to be interpreted, graphical display of scores, in-depth definition of the dimension and how the dimension score should be interpreted, list of strengths and weaknesses, optimal-poor job fit considerations, and suggestions for personal development.